Upcoming Event

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3rd May, 2023 Dizzy-Wizzy Competition for class 3rd.
6th May, 2023 E poster Making competition for class 10th And 12th.
6th May, 2023 Ad-Mad Show Competition for class 9th.
6th May, 2023 Special Assembly on world Asthama day by Class 3rd A.
8th May, 2023 Card making Competition for class 1st and 2nd.
9th May, 2023 PTM class Nursery to 12th.
9th May, 2023 Exhibition on cooking without fire for of class 6th-10th.
10 May, 2023 Photoframe making Competition for class 6th
11 May, 2023 Special Assembly on National Technology day by class 10 B and 10 D.
11 May, 2023 News Anchoring Competition for class 8th amd 8th.
12 May, 2023 An Activity on Happy Family Day by the students of class 1st - 5th.
13 May, 2023 Mother's day celebration by Kindergarten.
15 May, 2023 Class Assembly on International family day by 1st C.
30 May, 2023 Online Class Assembly by class 4th A, On Anti-Tobacco Day.

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